Yacaia Cashmere Merino wool beanie

Plastic Free Packaging

Our beanies comes packed in transparent glassine paper bags and we use recycled paper mailers to ship out our orders. These lightweight paper mailers are both space efficient for transport and minimize the material input.

Y-0004 Beanie in Camel Y-0004 Beanie in brown Y-0004 Beanie in Navy

Y-0004 - Camel
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Y-0004 - Brown
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Y-0004 - Navy
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Yacaia Paper packagings

We have spent a long time on our packaging, and while many gradually switch out their plastic packaging with paper to contribute to a better environment, we have never considered the use of plastic in the first place.

Yacaia plastic free packaging

Cashmere Wool

Our cashmere beanies are made of pure Inner Mongolian Cashmere, fully traceable back to the farmers. Our supplier has selected the world recognized high quality and rare breed - Albas white goat, which is located in the Albas region of Etuoke Banner, Inner Mongolia. The only ranch that has passed the U.S. and EU Cu organic certification has been established here.

Inner mongolian cashmere goat fully tracable

Our supplier have implemented the cashmere traceability in conjunction with the industry’s most authoritative (JWIF). From the source of the pasture, they review the source origin of each batch of raw cashmere materials. Our supplier is also part of the animal welfare organization to further improve the animal welfare treatment in the pastoral areas where the traceability project originated.

yacaia fully fashioned handmade

Fully Fashioned

All our beanies are linked by hand and fully fashioned, which means that the construction does not involve any cutting or sowing. The difficulty in using this method is that the development of each style is more time consuming. It involves highly specialised professionals and is the reason why we changed manufacturers 3 times before finding the final partner that could make our beanies to our specific shape. Fully-fashioned knitting also has the added benefit of eliminating unnecessary wastage of yarns.

Daniel Simmons wearing Y-0004 yacaia cashmere beanie
Daniel Simmons wearing our Y-0004 Beanie, in Brown.

Y-0004 Beanie in Cloud Y-0004 Beanie in Grey Y-0004 Beanie in Dark Grey

Y-0004 - Cloud
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Y-0004 - Grey
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Y-0004 - Dark Grey
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